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Stock Market Analysis

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This page will be devoted to the daily movement of the stock market. ALL members are encouraged to submit information.

Winter 2006
Dec. 29: The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq had a disappointing end to their rallies earlier in the trading session. The Dow fell by 38.37 points, the Nasdaq fell by 10.28 and the S&P 500 fell by 6.43 points. In other wise a dismal ending, Chrysler signed a Chinese car deal. Also, NYSE announced that it would be closed on Tuesday to honor President Ford.

Dec. 29- From Yahoo Finance

Dec. 29- From Yahoo Finance

Dec. 28: The Dow fell 9 points and the Nasdaq 6 points after peaking during the afternoon. A released report found increased consumer confidence with increase home sales. Oil prices notably climbed today with a report that confirmed the US' dwindling supply of oil. Finally, analysts predict Ford sales to drop in December, while Toyota moving towards the title of No.2 auto company in the U.S.

Dec. 28 - from Yahoo Finance

Dec. 28- Yahoo Finance

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