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We will try to update this page, with the current rankings on our Virtual Stock Exchange game, as frequently as possible.

Current Top 5


Jan. 3, 2007- Today's rankings displayed a clear turnaround as some players decided to start off the new year strong.
Thomas Hwang (displaced Nicky Harnik) and rose to 1st Place with a return of 2.18% today. Kehii moved to 2nd place and Venkatesh moved to 3rd place. Meanwhile, Jean Parker moved to 4th place with a return of +1.35%.
Dec. 29, 2006-Today's trading was a disappointed as the last day of the stock market in 2006.

Thomas Hwang moved from 4th place to 2nd place, finishing 2006 with a +4.90% gain, a +0.37% gain today and a net worth of $104,895.98.

Callie Bauer also moved up to 5th place, replacing Jean Parker, with a net worth of $102,057.38.

Meanwhile, Venkatesh moved down from 2nd place to 4th place, with a -0.75% loss and a net worth of $104,099.25.

Nick Harnik, although still in 1st place, witnessed very close competition around 3PM when he, Thomas Hwang and Venkatesh all remained within tens of dollars from each other (in terms of net worth); Harnik had a disappointing loss of -0.55%.
Dec. 28, 2006- Today's trading proved rocky today with only Kehii (3rd Place) and Keane Ehsani (15th Place) managing a slight profit of 0.31% and 0.16% respectively. Nick Harnik (1st Place) fell 1.18%, Venkatesh (2nd Place) fell 1.04%, Thomas Hwang fell 0.51% and J. Parker fell 0.33%.

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